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BA of Arts/Master of Teaching

Jen started as a local babysitter from Epping, is an aspiring early childhood educator, energetic about urging children to envision, investigate, find and make. She has confidence in giving children security with kind regard. Being nearby, Jen can oversee and uphold tuition standards, from children's' homes, giving a needed change from their usual family routine.

Epping Babysitters Club meets the requirements of the EYLF, by building, supporting, and confiding with different children, families, and teachers, Jen is focused on the sustainability in education on a daily basis. Jen's point is to supervise the learning progression of the children and is prepared to take part in formal tutoring.

Our Educational Plan

Like smaller than normal geniuses, we make your child's training our first concern.

Grounded on the belief that every child creates with their own movement, we've planned an unique educational program based on the Early Years Learning Framework-Belonging, Being and Becoming.

Our initial learning educational plan invigorates our youngsters' improvement by presenting them with different exercises and following up on their individual characteristics. By encouraging our children to talk about their exceptional thoughts, we may assist them with learning successfully. At Epping Babysitters Club, we set ourselves apart by offering a tutoring program which we created in discussion with accomplished teachers. Our unique tutoring program is magnificently blending homework time. We trust that by building consistency from home, we are likely to increase the chances of success.It is this type of tutoring which makes quality childcare, extra extraordinary.

Babysitters Club Distinction

What makes smaller than expected geniuses so interestingly unique is our preserving duty to give every youngster a remarkable degree of individual consideration, quality instruction instruction and authentic love, which are all guided by our basic beliefs.

At Epping Babysitters Club, our initial learning administration broadens well past simply giving a shelter and thinking about our kids.We accept that encouragement drives improvement in our little ones. By presenting our kids to a wide range of encounters and exercises, we assist them with investing wholeheartedly in doing normal things exceptionally well. This pledge to quality early learning may guarantee child's best beginning to life. Our club oriented methodology is assisting each youngster feels acknowledged and builds up the capacity to think, envision, and play openly as they start their life's adventure. In particular, our pledge to trustworthiness with our youngsters and guardians is our promise to apply high moral norms consistently using public guidelines and child protection laws.

Babysitting Hours

Available 7 days a week. We are flexible with times to suit your requirements.

Please take into account travel time when making a booking.

Working Hours
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What our Happy Parents Say

I might want to accept this open invitation to thank you for running such an extraordinary fun and instructive program for my daughters. She has built up a distinct fascination for Chinese culture and she makes the most of it using Mandarin. I truly didn’t anticipate such eagerness from her for the program. You have made a great showing of patience and care.


My daughter totally cherishes Epping Babysitters Club. They have truly made it a pleasant instructive encounter for her.


My two youngsters have been looking for a good babysitter for homework supervision for quite a long while. It has amazed me the improvements they have made and I’m glad for their accomplishments, in the event that you are keen on teaching children some fun in learning simultaneously.